Thursday, February 14, 2019


In these struggles, I search for resolve
I've searched for a reprieve
For some key to these repeats
More so for just a seam

Some people doubt my pain
That rages inside my head
Yet I have wars I wage daily
If only they could feel them instead

No, that's not the answer
I just wish myself no more
No more internal torture
I'm clawing from behind mind's door

Trapped like a rat in a cage
Watching as they roll on by
Unblinking and unsympathetic
They watch my silent cry

As I battle yet again
My light may save me yet
But for now I am screaming
To be let out of my head

In agony I am failing
Looking to Him to survive
Because earthly hands are absent
And I don't want to take my life

Allow for me a breath
Just one single break from Hell
That's made its way to Earth
And now becomes my cell

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