Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Universal Language

We, as people, no matter where we from, find barriers in cultures, in customs, in beliefs and leave ourselves with little common ground if we put everything on paper. The biggest one though in reality is language. It is the one thing when going to a different place or even just meeting people on the streets that can cause misunderstanding, bias, and future discrimination toward one singular group of people. Often, people will attempt to learn a new language (or not) when going to a new place in order to relate with the local people. I recently had a thought that I wanted to share about this type of scenario.

Begin every encounter with a smile. Some will say there are other universal languages, but if you begin every experience with a smile and positivity, each moment will progress better than the one before. Instead of frustration over barriers, realize we are all the same. Circumstances relevant to our body's survival due to our native areas, languages that never crossed oceans and other things of the sort have allowed past generations and even present generations to become blind to the fact that we are all people living in this world together. None of us are more worthy of this world than the next, so why not approach each moment, day, and person with a smile?

I understand some have legitimate mental barriers that cause problems in these moments, but for those that don't, do you wonder if you were to provide these moments to them, would their day not at least be a little bit better off because of the friend or stranger that took the time to ask, "How are you?" and genuinely care about the response? I implore you to think about the little things you do throughout the day. How often do you curse out of impulse? How often do you truly smile, or even laugh? Do you ever notice a person who seems unhappy and think, not my problem? We are all too worried about every moment of our day, thinking that next minute hinges on the difference in our life. I also don't want you to think I say this atop a podium of purity, because truly, I am just as guilty. I will take these steps that have been spoken to me, that I have simply translated, and put them into practice, and bring back the fundamental of loving my neighbor.

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