Tuesday, March 12, 2019


Everything that is pure
And joyful
Surrounds my heart
That never was so full
Until now
And tomorrow
Also the future
For my life
As her eyes meet mine
With pure elation
As daddy is home
To my daughter
My love

Saturday, March 2, 2019


I find myself breathing
My heart beating on
Though I feel mindless
Too many days gone
I know I have dreams
Ambitions to fulfill
I need to test my soul
My drive and my will
I have the thirst in me
To be better everyday
I have to prove it for me
Live my life in every way
I must have pride in me
Honor in what I do
So I leave this challenge
The same, unto you

Thursday, February 14, 2019


In these struggles, I search for resolve
I've searched for a reprieve
For some key to these repeats
More so for just a seam

Some people doubt my pain
That rages inside my head
Yet I have wars I wage daily
If only they could feel them instead

No, that's not the answer
I just wish myself no more
No more internal torture
I'm clawing from behind mind's door

Trapped like a rat in a cage
Watching as they roll on by
Unblinking and unsympathetic
They watch my silent cry

As I battle yet again
My light may save me yet
But for now I am screaming
To be let out of my head

In agony I am failing
Looking to Him to survive
Because earthly hands are absent
And I don't want to take my life

Allow for me a breath
Just one single break from Hell
That's made its way to Earth
And now becomes my cell

Sunday, February 10, 2019


In my heart I know it's true
That all my pain and struggles lie with You
You never did condemn me
Never did forsake me
You simply took my heart in
Rid me of all my stress and all my sin
You washed it all away
You showed me a brand new day

And You, caused me to sing into the night
And You, allowed me to see all of the light
You have for me
You set me free
And You, put a new life in me
And You, gave me new eyes to see
Your full glory
And I am unworthy

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Universal Language

We, as people, no matter where we from, find barriers in cultures, in customs, in beliefs and leave ourselves with little common ground if we put everything on paper. The biggest one though in reality is language. It is the one thing when going to a different place or even just meeting people on the streets that can cause misunderstanding, bias, and future discrimination toward one singular group of people. Often, people will attempt to learn a new language (or not) when going to a new place in order to relate with the local people. I recently had a thought that I wanted to share about this type of scenario.

Begin every encounter with a smile. Some will say there are other universal languages, but if you begin every experience with a smile and positivity, each moment will progress better than the one before. Instead of frustration over barriers, realize we are all the same. Circumstances relevant to our body's survival due to our native areas, languages that never crossed oceans and other things of the sort have allowed past generations and even present generations to become blind to the fact that we are all people living in this world together. None of us are more worthy of this world than the next, so why not approach each moment, day, and person with a smile?

I understand some have legitimate mental barriers that cause problems in these moments, but for those that don't, do you wonder if you were to provide these moments to them, would their day not at least be a little bit better off because of the friend or stranger that took the time to ask, "How are you?" and genuinely care about the response? I implore you to think about the little things you do throughout the day. How often do you curse out of impulse? How often do you truly smile, or even laugh? Do you ever notice a person who seems unhappy and think, not my problem? We are all too worried about every moment of our day, thinking that next minute hinges on the difference in our life. I also don't want you to think I say this atop a podium of purity, because truly, I am just as guilty. I will take these steps that have been spoken to me, that I have simply translated, and put them into practice, and bring back the fundamental of loving my neighbor.

Saturday, January 19, 2019


This story will have conclusion
One of difference
One of similarity
For I have struggled with Him, too
Hesitant of the vision
Resistant of the mission
Of the call that was placed
On my life
Similar in many ways
To Jonah
For I did not want to see
Nor acknowledge the storm
Yet the call remained
And though I am no prophet
Merely a servant
I no longer hesitate
With the difference
In prayer that all humanity
Will find His face
Bringing them salvation
And this story conclusion