Wednesday, December 12, 2018

My Life

With abandon, I run
Flee now toward Him
From my horrid past
With my sins in tow
I wish to denounce
Banish these things now
Though I’m told it will not
Simply can not be done
This Lord though vows
Promises me now
If I surrender
I will be received

O my Lord, yes
I lift You up now in praise
And thank You for all these days
O my Lord, we sing
For Your mercy and grace
And for saving beside You my place

Lord I see You now
Moving with purpose
Toward me in my life
Though how can it be
I don’t deserve You
Nor Your wonder
But here You promise me
And show me Your mercy

O my Lord, yes
Thank You for making me whole
And for saving and cleansing my soul
O my Lord, we sing
Of Your goodness and wonder
And for saving us from down under

O, my savior
O, my Lord
My life is Yours
I thank You Lord
O, my savior
O, my Lord
I am forever Yours

And I thank You Lord

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