Sunday, December 23, 2018


In the dead of night
The stars shine so bright
Bringing forth the wonder
Of all the Heavens we're under
Afar in the eastern land
In the land of drought and sand
There slept an infant child
Sent for issues not reconciled
He was sent to be
The man who'd set us free
The one who'd die for our sin
So we could live in Him
Oh it is so glorious 
To, in Him, be victorious
To live my days for Him
Beginning my life again
So let this season ring
And all His children sing
So He may know our love
And smile from Heaven above

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

My Life

With abandon, I run
Flee now toward Him
From my horrid past
With my sins in tow
I wish to denounce
Banish these things now
Though I’m told it will not
Simply can not be done
This Lord though vows
Promises me now
If I surrender
I will be received

O my Lord, yes
I lift You up now in praise
And thank You for all these days
O my Lord, we sing
For Your mercy and grace
And for saving beside You my place

Lord I see You now
Moving with purpose
Toward me in my life
Though how can it be
I don’t deserve You
Nor Your wonder
But here You promise me
And show me Your mercy

O my Lord, yes
Thank You for making me whole
And for saving and cleansing my soul
O my Lord, we sing
Of Your goodness and wonder
And for saving us from down under

O, my savior
O, my Lord
My life is Yours
I thank You Lord
O, my savior
O, my Lord
I am forever Yours

And I thank You Lord

Thursday, December 6, 2018

Becoming New

Here I am
With all my imperfections
There is no way
You can love who I am

All of my sin
Is out here on my sleeve
For all to see
To show them who I am

There is no hope
When you stare into my past
At my shadow
That made me who I am

But You smile at me
You open up to me
You bring me close
And accept me

You say that I'm perfect for you
You say my sins are no more
You say my life is new
And thank me for believing in You