Tuesday, November 20, 2018

In The Before

Here I am
In the fire
Dying yet for a breath
I long to feel clean
I beg for a hand
Please reach me
Pull me up and away
Drag me from this hurt
Lead me anywhere
I yearn for feeling
I dream of anything but pain
I plead for help
I need you
I need anyone, anything
Darkness stands resolute
Immovable in my life
Appearing insurmountable
I'm choking on my life
Suffocating on oxygen
On the everyday
On the normal
My chest is crippling me
My heart is betraying me
My brain is my enemy
And I am empty forever

This is much darker than my usual work, however my goal is to bring light to understanding that depression is real, and fake smiles mean nothing if real pain is beneath them. I've felt this way before, not that many have known that, but I find myself in a better place today because of what I surrounded myself with in my life, including the people I included in my life. I hope that if you were to notice real pain that you could be the one who pulls them out of the dark.

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