Monday, November 26, 2018


The daily depression lurks
It seems hope is lost

Darkness is inside
I feel trapped in my own mind
I claw for a path

Yet a voice creeps in
Telling me to listen close
And bear not this weight

More is still ahead
Let not these demons whisper
But hear divine truth

Come just as you are
Bring all of your pain and hurt
And find your purpose

Darkness must exist
In My greatest creations
So this light may shine

Let it touch the hearts
Of those souls who need your love
So they, too, may shine

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

In The Before

Here I am
In the fire
Dying yet for a breath
I long to feel clean
I beg for a hand
Please reach me
Pull me up and away
Drag me from this hurt
Lead me anywhere
I yearn for feeling
I dream of anything but pain
I plead for help
I need you
I need anyone, anything
Darkness stands resolute
Immovable in my life
Appearing insurmountable
I'm choking on my life
Suffocating on oxygen
On the everyday
On the normal
My chest is crippling me
My heart is betraying me
My brain is my enemy
And I am empty forever

This is much darker than my usual work, however my goal is to bring light to understanding that depression is real, and fake smiles mean nothing if real pain is beneath them. I've felt this way before, not that many have known that, but I find myself in a better place today because of what I surrounded myself with in my life, including the people I included in my life. I hope that if you were to notice real pain that you could be the one who pulls them out of the dark.

Sunday, November 18, 2018


The weight I laid upon myself
Was too much to take
Through tears and strain
My life began to break

Into darkness I tumbled
With no end in sight
Until You showed Your face
And pulled me into light

I prayed for deliverance
From my sorrow
You told me to sing
Like there's no tomorrow

Never before had I heard You
Speak Your way to me
Though I see my path
Through your divinity

To the Heavens now I sing
To thank You for everything
You've touched my life
And now I'm purified

To the Heavens now I raise
My hand to sing Your praise
I give You all my days
To use me in all Your ways

To the Heavens goes my heart
Never again to be apart
As I stand beside Your throne
I thank you for this home

Thursday, November 8, 2018


Deliver me from this
Deliver me again
Though I know
I don't deserve it
Fill my heart
Fill it again
With the family You gave
Whom I don't deserve
Guide my life
Guide me again
On the path You need me
Where I don't deserve to be
Show me why
Show me again
What I did to deserve You
When I don't deserve You
So let me thank You
And thank You again
For the life You gave
The one You deserve