Monday, October 29, 2018

The Atheist

Intolerance for other ideas
Never my intention
Even if hate is directed at mine
I won’t pay it attention
I agree in differences
I will continue to do so
Just please don’t forsake me
For a God you don’t know
I’ve chosen my walk
Alongside His holy path
Never to face Hell’s gates
Where Satan took his wrath
So choose not to believe
And we can still coincide
Because I don’t know hatred
And I know how I feel inside
Let me know of a day
When you want to know my Savior
For I will take your hand
And do you a favor
We will walk in the water
And you will see his face
Because why leave into darkness
When I know a better place
Though if you do not choose
To know of whom I speak
I only wish you the best of times
And I will show when you are weak

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