Thursday, October 11, 2018

People: The Response

You ask of me
To hear you
You down below
Who nigh hear me?
You pray of me
Beg of me
Though my followers are few
You ask of me
Plead of me
Yet hear not what I say
You welcome addiction
You befriend sin
You live freely
Through my name

I gave you life
As well as death
For the sins of my children
And I gave my Son
As he was slain for you
On the cross

You sent your prayers
I heard them all
Yet many of you
Are a one way radio
I am but a convenience
So when I pray
When I beg
Do you hear me?
When I ask of you
Plead of you
Do you reform?
I am a waymaker
I am your guide
So you may walk by faith

Thus, I have returned you
You who are saved
So we may rebirth
Step out from black
As you say
Into the light
For nay can darkness
Stifle light
But especially in the pitch
The blackest of days
The light shines brightest
Have faith
Walk where I lead
Follow my steps
For I am here

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