Thursday, October 18, 2018

People: The Dark in the Light

Your petty responses
They repulse me
You always wish to see
I breathe worlds
Yet am asked for better
So I provide to the letter
But why should I give it?
You who ask for sight
When you know my might?
You ruined this earth
My creation to you
Yet what do you do?
You stand on the rubble
And you doubt me?
And still hope to see?
I'll show you one thing
Though it's not what you hope
You're at the end of your rope
It's why I still lead
Why I answer your call
So you will not fall
You ask of new followers
Of how they will abide
And come to my side
It's because of adversity
The shaping of you
Through all you must do
To make this world whole
To return from dust
And, oh, you must
For a day is not all light
Nor is a night all day
Therefore there is a way
Follow me into the dark
Fear not this path
For in the aftermath
The light is absolute
With perpetual grace
In the safest place
In my arms
And by my side
No more to hide
So walk with me son
Live with faith in me
And be what I made you to be

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