Monday, October 29, 2018

The Atheist

Intolerance for other ideas
Never my intention
Even if hate is directed at mine
I won’t pay it attention
I agree in differences
I will continue to do so
Just please don’t forsake me
For a God you don’t know
I’ve chosen my walk
Alongside His holy path
Never to face Hell’s gates
Where Satan took his wrath
So choose not to believe
And we can still coincide
Because I don’t know hatred
And I know how I feel inside
Let me know of a day
When you want to know my Savior
For I will take your hand
And do you a favor
We will walk in the water
And you will see his face
Because why leave into darkness
When I know a better place
Though if you do not choose
To know of whom I speak
I only wish you the best of times
And I will show when you are weak

Monday, October 22, 2018

People: The Grace

We have followed You wholly
With arms raised to the heavens
With arms raised to You
Clearing dust along the way
The earth is in repair
All due to your lesson
You did not destroy this earth
We did it all ourselves
We are vile creatures
Laden with merciless disregard
Full of violence and hatred
Incapable of unconditional love
Unable to see the light
We sent up too much
With no reciprocity to show
We spoke not of Your grace
Though we accepted it all
I pray as we restart this world
As we venture forth in faith
That you would guide us still
Despite our shortcomings
Even in our darkest hours

Thursday, October 18, 2018

People: The Dark in the Light

Your petty responses
They repulse me
You always wish to see
I breathe worlds
Yet am asked for better
So I provide to the letter
But why should I give it?
You who ask for sight
When you know my might?
You ruined this earth
My creation to you
Yet what do you do?
You stand on the rubble
And you doubt me?
And still hope to see?
I'll show you one thing
Though it's not what you hope
You're at the end of your rope
It's why I still lead
Why I answer your call
So you will not fall
You ask of new followers
Of how they will abide
And come to my side
It's because of adversity
The shaping of you
Through all you must do
To make this world whole
To return from dust
And, oh, you must
For a day is not all light
Nor is a night all day
Therefore there is a way
Follow me into the dark
Fear not this path
For in the aftermath
The light is absolute
With perpetual grace
In the safest place
In my arms
And by my side
No more to hide
So walk with me son
Live with faith in me
And be what I made you to be

Monday, October 15, 2018

People: The Uncertainty

We believe in you Lord
Yet when can we see?
We will walk by faith
Though where will we be?
I see no straight path
Only torturous roads
Leading us further
Into venomous abodes
How can one have faith
When the path we walk
Is but an end of days
Where we end as chalk?
Why not reveal your light
Illuminate our way
So that we remain true
And never stray?
How can we admit others
Followers to your side
For when it becomes difficult
You seem to run and hide?
You've answered me once
With your tedious word
Now speak once more
Prove that I was heard

Thursday, October 11, 2018

People: The Response

You ask of me
To hear you
You down below
Who nigh hear me?
You pray of me
Beg of me
Though my followers are few
You ask of me
Plead of me
Yet hear not what I say
You welcome addiction
You befriend sin
You live freely
Through my name

I gave you life
As well as death
For the sins of my children
And I gave my Son
As he was slain for you
On the cross

You sent your prayers
I heard them all
Yet many of you
Are a one way radio
I am but a convenience
So when I pray
When I beg
Do you hear me?
When I ask of you
Plead of you
Do you reform?
I am a waymaker
I am your guide
So you may walk by faith

Thus, I have returned you
You who are saved
So we may rebirth
Step out from black
As you say
Into the light
For nay can darkness
Stifle light
But especially in the pitch
The blackest of days
The light shines brightest
Have faith
Walk where I lead
Follow my steps
For I am here

Monday, October 8, 2018

People: The Denial

Why, oh why has this happened?
Have we not been dutiful to this land?
We advanced and adapted well
Since this crazy world began
We never asked for anything special
Although thirty percent was our take
We made due with the land beneath
Left none of the waters in our wake
We scoured the earth for all the secrets
All the creation You adorned us
It feels like You've turned away
As everything we made has turned to dust
We will mourn this day as broken people
Survivors of a barren earth's remains
Wondering of what plan You have for us
More importantly still, if our faith sustains
It's hard to see the light in this ash
When the fire has cast us into black
Show us few what You have ahead of us
Prove to we that You haven't turned your back

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

People: The Plague

We were given a home
Created by Him
We abused it once
We abused it again
We were warned
Consequences neared
We laughed in their face
Nothing to be feared
Yet The Day came
Few remained
The dust settled
Peace regained
Not for us though
Our home, taken back
We were irresponsible
Now back on track
We will rebuild
With the earth in mind
Embracing the dirt
The rest, behind

This will be a miniseries of poems. Keep posted as they will be released a couple of days after each other. After the miniseries is complete, there will be photographs to go with the general tone of each of the poems to recap, in picture form, how the miniseries of poems progressed.