Monday, September 24, 2018


It comes in the darkness
The voice I hear
Menacing, threatening
It wants my fear
To feed off of me
Drag me down its hole
Devour my whole being
Capture my soul
Though this darkness
This that surrounds me
Retreats from the light
That allows me to see
It fills my heart
Surrounds from within
Denies to be dimmed
Never absent again

Wednesday, September 19, 2018


Fire burns through my being
Taking me over slowly
Threatening to consume me
Rather than be a part
I push against these walls
The ones that are closing in
I long to be free again

I struggle to fill my lungs
I scratch the walls at hand
Less and less light shows
Hope is dwindling now
Recovery seems distant
Though, a hand, I feel
Undetermined if it's real

I look for a sign
Search for this cause
For the light I'm seeing
Ripping through the dark
Filling my heart
A newfound flame
Filling me with a name

He doesn't want to rule
Only hopes to be a part
For He created me
Not to be defeated
He created me free
Wants freedom in me
No other way, should I be

Tuesday, September 18, 2018


I want purity of mind
A lack of sin
I long to live right
With no hope for rewind
Deception lurks
Itching the back of my mind
Threatening to end me
Despite all of my works
I yearn for my mind to feel
Peace and tranquility
Tumult to rule my past me
Though it's why I kneel
I pray for this to Him
Begging forgiveness
For all of the undesirable
For all of my sin
I find His pasture there
The peace I seek
I His refuge He offered
In His Holy Care