Thursday, May 31, 2012


Turning this corner
I blew this out of proportion
I jumped to conclusions
And I must apologize
I will grovel
And I will beg
Forgiveness seems forever away
Until the sudden realization
I was right all along
And you are a coward
You couldn't admit
The one thing I asked
And I should have seen it
So get out of my head
And out of my life
I don't want this anymore
So I will end this controversy

Wednesday, May 30, 2012


You walk around
With eyes wide open
But you don't see
What is in front of you
If you could take a look
Through my eyes
You would see clearly
How wrong he is
And this madness
Running inside your head
Would be calmed
A storm settled
So please take a minute
To step back away
See that he is wrong
And I am who's right

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Roaming these shadows
I will maintain my shine
And though no other follows
I will make this moment mine
I am my own role model
And I control my destiny
No drowning in a bottle
They can not get the best of me
I will stand tall
In the face of it all
For what is best for me
And what is best for y'all
So do not fear me
And fear not this night
For all that is me
I will stand and fight

Monday, May 28, 2012


Move against me
And I will pull you along
Fight against me
And I will turn your side
Argue with me
And I will change your mind
Hate me
And I will love you all along

Sunday, May 27, 2012


And in this Hell
I will march steady
For I have nothing to hide
And nothing to fear
I am not ashamed of my past
Nor am I angry about my future
Hell may have called me
But I know my true place
I may not have these wings
That just means I will work
And fight for them
No matter what the obstacle
I breathe in the evil
And exhale purity
For I serve my God
On Earth and in Hell
So break me down
And push me to extinction
But I will stand my ground
And watch the rest burn

Saturday, May 26, 2012


Give it up
The hope of civilization
Among your peers
Who ignore it
They will disrespect
And tear down
All that is close to them
With no pause
A lack of authority
Only kids could possess
An anger only convicts
Could being to fathom
So join them
Let off your steam
And breathe slow
As you tear it down

Friday, May 25, 2012


The light is blacked out
This sun will no longer shine
I breathe this putrid air
Suffocating all along
This evil way of life
Has asserted itself upon me
And with no remorse
My life is overtaken
I rid myself of any beauty
And burden myself further
For I do not deserve peace
Only agony and pain
As I watch another
And their life inside
Fade from their eyes
As they breathe their final breath

Thursday, May 24, 2012


Sing that song
That heavenly hymn
It vibrates my ears
With a harmonious pitch
I strain to listen
To hear it clearly
But alas no luck
And I remain unfortunate
I wish to hear this tune
As I approach heaven's gates
So that I may recognize 
All the rumored beauty
That will be instilled upon me
So as I rise above
I give up my selfish ways
And let the quiet be my tune
When I hear this song
Begin to be sung

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


These curtains are blinders
They hide me from the world
From the real truth
I live sheltered and solo
In fear of what might happen
If I take a chance
So here I sit alone
No light shines through
Only sounds creep in
And they are beautiful
So how could it be so bad?
I take a peak at this world
And see a bright, sunny day
My heart is filled with joy
I will no longer hide myself
I will enjoy God's gift
And go forth into the world

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


This Hell surrounds me
I am trapped in a ring
A fiery devil's trap
As that is what I am
A devil to myself
Endangering, and losing
This battle to the king
The king of the Underworld
But I will not let it stand
This is my life and body
And no one can take
What I have not given
So begone Devil
For I am liberated
And stand erect
As a new man

Monday, May 21, 2012


My heart comes to rest
Finally and forevermore
I am at peace here
After struggling for so long
I fought all that I could
And went through suffering
But it wasn't in the cards
I knew I would fall
But in my time of dying
I inspired millions
That fighting is possible
And that living is an option
Because no matter how bad
Or sickening it became
Dying was not an option
I was going to make the most
And capitalize on my life
Because there are few miracles
But life is one of them
And I was not going to waste mine

Sunday, May 20, 2012


My eyes burn
As I look into the sun
But not just the sun
The first light
These storm clouds
They have hovered
For years now
Blocking out light
But today
They have cleared
Revealing magnificent
Beautiful light
Onto this world
We shall rebuild
From the decimation
Caused years ago
And become a people
Once more

Saturday, May 19, 2012


I have not a penny to my name
But my heart is solid gold
I may not have a big, warm house
But I can withstand the cold
I don't have a fancy car
But their a death trap, I'm told
I can't be picky about what I eat
I'll even take chances with mold
But at the end of this day
When people feel sorry for me
I just laugh and wave
And shake my head vigorously
I am the king of my life
And I am perfectly happy
For I can go no lower
That I can at least see
So pity me all you like
But you are the unfortunate ones
Because while I am satisfied with nothing
You never have enough funds
So cheers to my freedom
And cheers to your sons
For they will never know the meaning
Of being their own number one

Friday, May 18, 2012


The eyes of millions
Gasps for breath
Anguish for some
Ecstasy for others
But all of their hopes
Ride on this moment
Of whether I will
Succeed or fail
I fall to the ground
In the best area I could
As the leather
Meets my hands
I slide along this grass
Followed by the enemy
As the whistle blows
And I am successful

Thursday, May 17, 2012


Death circles me
A ring of fire
Why must it be now?
I am not ready
Especially not this way
I have done good
And deserve a spot
In the line of Heaven's gates
But a voice calls to me
It corrects my thoughts
I am not worthy
For I have lived incomplete
I have helped no one
Except for myself
And sacrificed nothing
For anyone
I have not prayed
Without benefit to myself
So due to these
Ways of egotism
I will go down
Where I can live the life I chose
For eternity

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


As day burns to night
And people settle in
Monsters come out to play
Not the ones of dreams
But those of nightmares
I breathe anger at them
For the evil they bring
And the hardships they press
Death and destruction
With bodies in their wake
Will someone stand up
When they've had enough
No, I think not
Because we pampered bunch
We cower behind velvet walls
And selfishly hoard what we have
Hoping for God's blessing
For those unfortunate few
Even though we know
They are dead people

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Can you hear
The sadness weeping?
Something so somber
Bringing forth massive tears
In the heart of the world
A hopeless cause
Of reason with man
I weep for the world
For the hope of reason
I know it is impossible
But I can hope
Because to hear such sadness
Brings me down
And happiness
Is the only emotion I know

Monday, May 14, 2012


Darkness is present
On this lightest of days
The only question
Will it overtake us?
This world can be cruel
And lead to anger
Causing this darkness
To eliminate any light
And we as a species
Are a selfish breed
And it is almost certain
That darkness will fall
As unfortunate as it is
Someone will stir up the skies
And the light will disappear
As we are finished by our actions

Sunday, May 13, 2012


Developing, shaping
Into the man I am
From something so small
I am raised highly
And expected to go higher
Goals preset
And I will achieve them
Because of belief in me
I feel the love
And admire what I am given
Respect without pause
Everything done for me
Mom, mother
Just know I love you
And today is your day
To be told
What we should have said
This whole time

Saturday, May 12, 2012


I am ignorant
I allow you to blind
And hide me
From who I am
You suppress me
So that I am trapped
In this web you tangle
Suitable for yourself
You hope to smother me
So that I am yours
But I have come to realize
You hold me down
And keep me away
Because you understand
And ultimately fear
My true potential
But a true man
Like the one standing here
Will not ignore you
Simply due to fame
So let me fly
And you may ride with me

Friday, May 11, 2012

Prayer, Pt. 2 (Alternate)

Lord, you have failed me
Ignored by the one
I thought loved me true
And left to rot
I continually pound the dirt
In anger and fear
For I am a lost cause
A head case unlike any other
So Lord, I hope you smile
Because you have lost
A follower and a friend
No longer will I speak your word
So here's to death
And the new life I lead
As the devil's hands wrap me
Embracing my cold heart

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Prayer, Pt. 2

Lord, thank you
Your guidance has helped me
Conquer my demons
And smite the devil
I now stand erect
Without internal pain
And with bloodshot eyes
I cry with joy
Lord, I had my doubts
That you would not answer
But you are grand
You are truly Almighty
So I will serve you
And spread the word
Of what you are willing
And capable of doing
Thank you Lord
You saved my life

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Prayer, Pt.1

Hell has consumed me
Seemingly day by day
I struggle in quicksand
As my body sinks further
Into personal oblivion
And into the cracks of earth
I surface though, clean
Just to bury myself once more
Lord, I ask for you
And your permanent guidance
To bring peace to me
And keep my head above
For I am drowning
In this sea of fire
I want to be clean
And be at your hand Lord
So if you will
Guide me, Almighty
And allow me to serve
Under your command

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Breath escapes me
My feeble body struggles
Basic functions done
No longer possible
As I fight for life
A plug is all that holds
My limp self
Among the living
But an organ that still works
Full capabilities present
And ever present
Still beats strong
For my love of family
And love of my friends
And love of life
Are all that keep me breathing
But why should they weep
In spite of me
Allow my heart to stop beating
So that theirs may move on

Monday, May 7, 2012


This is my glory
What my dreams
And all of my goals
Have led me to achieve
But what I had not planned
Is the consequence
It would take
To reach this life
I now achieve greatness
But realize absence
So among these medals
I have achieved much
But lost so much more
That no life can recover
As I breathe lonely
And this is my glory

Sunday, May 6, 2012


Leaving hidden scars
You push through me
Just another object
To be handled freely
I stand firmly planted
As I weather this storm
That is you as a whole
And defeat your egotism
You find yourself better
Than me or anyone else
But news travels to you now
Revealing you to be less
After such mistreatment
But you can not retract
These decisions you made
So please move along
Make yourself better
To future acquaintances
Because you lost me
The best thing you had going

Saturday, May 5, 2012


Breathe for life
All that can be done
In this time
As I suffocate
I gasp for this air
But my lungs collapse
My life is fading
And these lights dim
This is my wish though
For people must know
That I die for more
More than they can know
As I bleed
And as I fade
I died for them
And all those after them
On this cross
So that they can live
And be absolved
Of all future sins

Friday, May 4, 2012


Why is it
That we only judge
What we see
As all that we know?
The sight of things
Can be deceptive
And incorrect
At first glance
Yet we trust our eyes
And not our gut
Or our heart
For any decision
An ugly plate of food
Could be the tastiest
A hideous flower
Could carry the sweetest scent
And an ugly man
Could be the most kind
But no one
Would allow the chance
To discover such things
Because we are pleased
Not by lasting results
But by immediate
And incomplete gratification

Thursday, May 3, 2012


Sleep is a plague
Something our bodies crave
And supposedly need
But why is it so?
Daylight wasted slowly
Every moment our eyes shut
And remain stationary
So I feel resistance is necessary
To push through my day
And sleep when I'm dead
Because God has given me
And all those around me
A higher purpose
And I intend to fulfill mine
Before my day is done
So let my body yearn
And my eyes sag
For I will not sleep
Until my deed is done

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


This world is cruel
A dark and dreary place
Masked with false impressions
And misleading faces
But to see a glimpse
Of a smiling face
Is but a miracle
In a world where being kind
Makes you more odd
Than being rude
It is expected to be rude
So people are programmed that way
But what if we tried
Just a little everyday
To infect others with kindness
Regardless of their being
Smiling is contagious
And kindness can catch on
So why not go out of your way
To make someone else
Just a little bit happier
So that they might pass it on
And we can be lifted
From a dark world
Into the lighter side of things

Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Anticipation is defeating
Waiting should not be
Part of my troubles
When it comes to this
I should get instant
And immediate results
When something
Of this caliber
Is in the waking moment
And can affect
My life so vastly
But as the news arrives
And the bomb is dropped
I imagine life
With another addition
And I realize
That I am blessed

This is dedicated to my two wonderful sisters and my nieces.