Friday, March 30, 2012


It is like an eclipse
A rarity of nature
But always a special sight
You'll never want to miss
But why should it be?
A smile should be common
And used often
Instead of hidden away
So forgive me if
I can't understand your situation
But you say life is hard
And that you are unhappy
But what's to say
That you are the only one?
And that the man
Who just smiled and greeted you
Didn't have a death in the family
Or something of the latter?
Happiness is a misunderstood emotion
People think you need to fake it
When things go south
But why should that be?
Take life for granted
Because it is a gift
When you get knocked down
Smile guiltily and get back up
Because life is too fragile
To live with your head down
And a frown to match
So smile big
Because today is a gift

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