Saturday, March 31, 2012


Into the furnace I fall
But an empty vessel
Soul already captured
By the creatures of Hell
But why was I sent south?
Was I an unholy servant?
Was it just destiny?
Or was it something else?
Regardless, I am not at His hand
I feel only torture
And so I will take my lashes
In hopes of making myself worthy
To rise from Hell
And be by God's side

Friday, March 30, 2012


It is like an eclipse
A rarity of nature
But always a special sight
You'll never want to miss
But why should it be?
A smile should be common
And used often
Instead of hidden away
So forgive me if
I can't understand your situation
But you say life is hard
And that you are unhappy
But what's to say
That you are the only one?
And that the man
Who just smiled and greeted you
Didn't have a death in the family
Or something of the latter?
Happiness is a misunderstood emotion
People think you need to fake it
When things go south
But why should that be?
Take life for granted
Because it is a gift
When you get knocked down
Smile guiltily and get back up
Because life is too fragile
To live with your head down
And a frown to match
So smile big
Because today is a gift

Thursday, March 29, 2012


As I run
I realize it is worthless
Because how can you run
When it's your past?
A constant looming
And an ever-nagging presence
I wish it away
But still it lingers
So I must look past it
And work forward
But the weight crushes me
And pressure is unbearable
So I succumb to it
Allow it to overtake me
And fade away
Along with my memories

Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Silently, I walk
The only color
In a dark world
Everyone is a conformist
Blending with the times
But I say not
I will not fall into place
I will stand out
Because I am unique
Not another face
And I will touch others
And intoxicate color
Vibrancy added in their life
Because no one is the same
And I will prove that
I will be the shine
That lights up the room

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


With the devil's hand
I stroll beside him
We talk of things profound
Set into action by the Lord
I was never meant for wings
Nor eternal passage
My destiny has always been south
With heretics and killers
So I will accept this passage
But alas, I am misled
For these words were from Lucifer
The fallen angel
And not from the word of God
As he helps me regain
Reclaim what is mine
My path to righteousness
And to be alongside his right
The hand of God
And a servant of heaven

Monday, March 26, 2012


A life without a cause
A purpose without a goal
Determination without a drive
Paths undefined
Criss-crossed destinies
Leading to different outcomes
And no one knows exactly
Which way is up
But with solid feet on the floor
And shelter to guard the man
Life can have a cause
A purpose will come with goals
And a drive will be instilled
Because a man is who he makes himself
And without foundation
He will surely fail

Sunday, March 25, 2012


Breathing without you
It makes things clearer
I see straighter
Aim better to my future
You are the drug
That has hindered me
But I also realize
Without you
I would not be who I am
To this day I can't breathe
When you are not there
So I will fight to focus
And will aim true
With you presently surrounding me
Because I need you
More than the air I breathe itself

Saturday, March 24, 2012


As I gaze into your eyes
And you lick your lips
There are none more tantalizing
Not even a piece of candy
There is nothing sweeter
Not another pair in the world
And I've never anticipated anything more
Nothing I've ever needed
So as I pull closer
And fall farther
My love is ever-growing
As our lips meet
And I am forever yours

Friday, March 23, 2012


Presently I stand
Against fatal winds
I brace myself
But no support is found
These winds crush me
Tamper with my lungs
But I am resilient
And I will stand strong
So as I push forward
And direct my existence
I will live
And I will live strong

Thursday, March 22, 2012


As the sky plummets
Her world ends
Not because of him leaving
But because of failed amends
A grudge forever present
Immovable from his heart
Much to her chagrin
And it tears her apart
She still adores him
But she stabbed his back
And there is no recovering for him
From this attack
So he disregards her existence
And tried to move past
But her memory is strong
And it stands fast
So into the bottle he dives
As the world crashes around her
He takes himself from it
No more excuses heard
And she falls
From the fault she feels
And dives into the bottle after him
As their fate seals

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Will I recover?
Will I live?
Will they care if I did?
Will they mourn?
Would I care?
Would I do it?
Would they care if I did?
Would they try to help?
Will I allow them to?
Would I want to be saved?
Will they care if I was?
Would they care
If I were fallen?

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


This quicksand swallows me
I gasp for a breath
But my lungs are filled solid
I reach for an escape
But no hand is there to retrieve me
I try to swim out
But my body is seized up
Then advice received comes to mind
Stop struggling
And wait for help
So as I wait quietly
The hand that had been so absent
Appears before me
And I am lifted from my prison
The entrapment that is quicksand

Monday, March 19, 2012


Through heavens eyes I see
Your eyes staring back at me
And it could possibly be
The highest degree
The most love of any
And it belongs to me

Sunday, March 18, 2012


This ringing in my ears
It forms words
They tell me of tragedy
One befallen upon me
Like a brick wall
The force inflicts its blow
Upon my chest
My heart explodes with sorrow
As I know of impossibility
For the first time
Because this call received
That you are no longer with us
Brings me to the realization
That you were my only
And this life does not belong to another
So I will hurry to you
And pass into the earth
So that I can be with you


Like it’s your last
Like there isn’t another
Because they may not be there tomorrow
Each moment for everything it’s worth
Knowing you lived

Friday, March 16, 2012


I walk this earth
Searching for scraps
But I am not less fortunate
I have never known wealth
Nor was I granted with any
I have been here
Walking alone and empty
My whole life
So when a man’s trash
Is actually gold
Excitement is not what I feel
I feel sorrowful
For while I see its true value
He saw garbage
And it shows the true nature
The nature of man
Never satisfied
Always hungry
So I will stick to these streets
And continue to walk in gold
Because though I am satisfied,
I live in a world of sadness
And sadness
Is an emotion I will not experience

Thursday, March 15, 2012


Clear as crystal
I see my mistake
But the devil of seven
Has me at his mercy
It has swallowed me
Choking me with figurative hands
So as I ponder apologies
A simple touch
And I kneel to him
And allow full control
My life in his hands
Complete control sacrificed
Another life lost to the sin
The man who is pride

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


I am living a life of death
In the eyes of my peers
They claim dormancy
That I will never truly blossom.
I shun those around me
Because I do not want them to see
This degree of paranoia
That consumes my life
But as they ridicule me
I am not ashamed of it
Because I am who I am
And no one can change that
So slander my name
And drag me through mud
Because I will stand
For this individualism
Whether self-inflicted
Or by nature’s choice
Because paths have been chosen
And I am walking mine
As strong as I can

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Obsession controls me
Drives me insane
Leads me to violence
Unable to refrain
How should I be?
Am I taking the wrong lane?
Not in the present tense
I have too much to gain
So she is no longer free
A bullet to brain
As I turn the gun around
And board the black train

Monday, March 12, 2012


My passenger does not judge
He simply guides my path
Steering me away from obstacles
Though from time to time
I disobey and maneuver away
And he does not grow angry
Just sits silently
Lets me choose for myself
But when I begin to recognize
The paved road I chose ends
I turn to my passenger
“Please redirect me,
And forgive me, Lord.”
He rests his hand on my shoulder
And turns me back on track

Sunday, March 11, 2012


The end of this world
Is different in separate eyes
To the young
A toy lost is their demise
To the adolescent
A lost love brings rains
To an adult
A car wreck changes it all
But what if your end
Actually stared you down
Square in the face
And dared you to move?
A flash of light
And your world
No matter how old or young
Was in the hands of a bullet.
A frontline infantryman
Can’t even see it coming
And it takes his life
Regardless of his circumstances
Bringing the end of his world
And a shared ending
To those who loved him

Dedicated to all those unknown soldiers lost in the field of battle

Saturday, March 10, 2012


Death is apparent
An inevitable reckoning
I only wish to go gracefully
And proceed quietly
But I wish for happiness
As opposed to mourning
When I pass into the mist
And into the ground
Because I wish for a blessed life
To leave a positive mark
Meaning memories of happiness
Instead of moments missed
Because I love those around me
And hope for the same in return
Because life is too short to hold a grudge
So live brightly
And smile often
Because today might be yours
To end your legend
And leave your legacy

Friday, March 9, 2012


When the world seems so small
And all I want to do is drown
I want to give up hope
And simply call it quits
But you are my sober mind
Head above water
Watching over me
Through all of the hard times
Always with a hand on my shoulder
It's hard to ignore
So that when the time comes
And you are the one who wants to drown
I will be there with more than a hand
I will lift you up entirely
Regardless of the situation
And with no pause
Because through better or worse
That is what I said
And I will let that ring true
Until death does us apart

Thursday, March 8, 2012


Just save your breath
Your forked tongue is filthy
Falsities roll off easily
And you are no better than a harlot
Trust should not be a concern
Because between us
It is completely absent
Done away for what?
A mere encounter with a stranger
So set yourself free
Because you are not welcome here
And I have already broken away
No longer under your curse
You selfish woman

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Underappreciated, I laugh
I ponder on the inner workings
Of such a selfish person
I try to be kind
And do any kind of favor
While no praise is fine with me
Just a little recognition
Would go miles
But nevertheless
It goes completely unnoticed
And I shift through like a ghost
Even beside my partner
So a change is in order
To make myself into such a person
That will belittle who I was
So here’s to a lifetime
One of taken advantages
And underappreciations

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


I shelter myself
From your nonsense
The filter that are my ears
Is filled to the brim
I cannot stand your lies
And acts of innocence
You have to many years
To be this dim
I have been patient
But now, it slowly thins
I know longer have those fears
Of ignoring him
The devil on my shoulder
I now trust you in no tense
As I wipe away angry tears
And a new life I begin
One of wisdom
Where decisions are off the fence
Decisive and clear
And I am back to win

Monday, March 5, 2012


The winds of plague
Infest my lungs.
I am deep in the valley of death
And reach for the ladder’s rungs,
But nevertheless I fail.
I brace myself to pass.
The inevitable force
As clear as a mass
The scythe of the reaper
It closes on me swift
Merciless and true
As my soul he does lift
And down the stairs I fall
Much to my surprise
But regardless
Hell is my residence of demise
As heaven rejects me
Bastard child of sin
Let me pass into fire
And allow torture to begin

Sunday, March 4, 2012


Silent yells erupt from me
Cries in hope of being heard
When the situation
Actually calls
For a savior
Nobody will turn to me though
It is time for me
To grow up
I shall be my own savior
Because after all
These demons
I have been in battle with
Are my own
And only I can help
When the battle is internal
So introverted, I fight
Silently and without pause
As I overcome my evils
And create a new man
Dancing in the light
Of purity

Saturday, March 3, 2012


What is faith?
Believing in something
Even when you can’t see it?
Like a higher purpose
When someone tells you it’s there.
You take it on faith
That what they are saying
Is real.
But what if it is treachery
And what they are telling you
Is a lie?
Something perverse
Only serving the greater good
Of themselves.
Do you rebel?
Or do you patsy along
March to the same beat
Because it is all you know?
If that is you
You are a coward
Because blind faith
Is for fools who cannot
And will not
Decide for themselves
So stand up against wrongs
When you see them
Question those who command
When it seems out of place
But most of all
Have faith in yourself
To do what is necessary

Friday, March 2, 2012


Breathing without her
Pretending we never were
But it is my fear
That you are not here
So how is it that you
Continue with what you do?
I am glad you are not hurt
And could shake it off your shirt
But I thought I was fine
And that you were dying
But I realize life is too short
To behave in this sort
So mutually we turn
As the bridge does not burn
We gather together again
And restart to begin

Thursday, March 1, 2012


I try to look past
I try to ignore
I try to reason
I try to make sense
I try to live
I cannot look past
I cannot ignore
I cannot reason
I cannot make sense
I cannot live
As I awaken
To a less cruel world