Sunday, January 8, 2012


My old man once told me,
“Keep your chin up!
Life is too short to focus on negatives!
The glass is always half full!”
But what if he was wrong?
What if the glass is actually half empty?
Or if my chin always is down?
Or if only negatives are visible?
Why is it so hard to see positives?
I find it hard to see past negatives
When they stare you in the face
And you know it’s imminent to encounter.
But He is the almighty.
And my faith is strong.
So I believe in the path he has chosen for me.
So be it as it may,
My glass is always half full.


  1. i'm actually not a huge fan of this one

  2. I have lots of that in my writing, art, whatever. Some I like better that others. It is a process though and just doing the writing is important, love the outcome or not.

  3. well that's a great way to look at it! would you mind continuing to follow my writing?