Monday, January 9, 2012


A pain in my chest, my heart explodes
My love deterred, and for nothing
All my choice, faulty decisions,
Not thought through, where do I turn?
My back is to you, unknowingly to me
Unwanted by you, confusion clouds me
I judge, I breathe, I cry
Realization, must turn back
Is it too late? Can it really happen?
A second chance, with a heart so grand
One I loved, do love, will love
But why? The heart is a mystery
I do not question, do not tamper
For it is one thing, you hold true
One that returned true, the moment you
And your heart, let me back in
Only He could do it, allow me a chance
Another if you will, with a woman so grand
One I’ll never let go, never let die
Always keep close, and love it as mine
For that is what I hope, eternal love
Yours and mine, for the rest of my life
Forever and amen

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